Monday, January 18, 2010


So i see you have stumbled across Don~Tex's Blog.So Im going to give yall a few details about ourselves. Don~Tex is a famous business throughout runescape!We provide our customers with what they're looking for.This is our second go round at this business,so we have re-created the business with new prices,paying methods,and employee satisfaction programs.

If you have any questions/concerns please dont hesitate to contact the staff

Our Salmoneus Forum:
Our Own Forum:
Runescape Clan Chat: Don Tex Co
Company's Home World: 95

Employee List

  • error404
  • Sharkie(Captain Chris)
  • Keendos
  • unkown
  • jason97
  • zompirewolf
  • ibleed green
  • Meyer1100
  • Grim Devil
  • Kyra10987
  • blacky s baap
  • 5 bucks123
  • Iceballnc
  • Bwuader

Thanks for visiting the blog and keep updated!